Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

eXPerience 6 is a leading Professional embroidery software that can satisfy every embroidering need. It produces high quality embroidery results that will impress even the most demanding embroider. eXPerience can help you release your creativity and create unique artistic embroidery designs easily and quickly. Select the appropriate level that fits your embroidery needs and immediately you will become more productive. eXPerience 6 is the software that includes now what the industry will ask next

All the minimum and recommended requirements that eXPerience 6 needs are listed in the following web page.
  • eXPerience 6 produces the best embroidery quality in the market easily and quickly
  • Increase your production with the new automated digitizing tools.
  • Communication with graphics design software (OLE-2 Technology)
  • Superior Cross-Stitch Technology
  • Multiple Style combination
  • Keep the same quality with less stitches on the fabric
  • Create sequins designs quickly with the new automotive system
  • Connect your Embroidery machine with your PC and send the designs directly to the machine
  • Create artistic designs with the creativity freedom that eXPerience 6 tools gives you
  • eXPerience 6 communicates directly with DRAWings 8 the new software of DRAWstitch®
  • It has thousands of extremely satisfied users

With the new version of eXPerience you can:

  • Create styles with sequins and style for frill designs
  • Convert symbols to embroidery
  • Convert objects To styles
  • Create designs with Chenille stitch type
  • Add envelope on direction of stitches.(create objects with curved direction stitches)
  • Apply transformations "Weld" - "Trim" - "Intersect" on objects
  • Continuous design preview for multi-head (56 heads) embroidery machines
  • Copy attributes(transformations, stitch type, properties.etc) from other objects
  • Convert Vector/Bitmap artwork into editable embroidery designs
  • Advanced nodes Editing with extra abilities.
  • Advanced color blending: gradient on step/piping fills
  • And much more....
  • Installation CD for eXPerience ® software.
  • Guide for installing and customizing eXPerience
  • Quick Reference Card
  • USB security key
  • Manual in PDF format

eXPerience 6 can save stitch files in most popular industrial and domestic formats as listed below:

  • Wings Systems’ (*ngs)
  • Wings 2000 (*.mls)
  • Tajima (".dst", ".dsz", ".dsb")
  • Tajima TBF (".tbf")
  • SWF (".sst")
  • SWF xp (".swf")
  • Pfaff (".ksm",".pcs", ".pcm")
  • Happy (".tap")
  • Singer(".xxx")
  • Bernina/Melco expanded (".exp")
  • Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina (".pec", ".pes")
  • Husqvarna (".Hus")
  • Husqvarna Viking (".Vip")
  • Viking Designer1 (".shv")
  • Janome (".jef", ".sew",".Jeff+")
  • Juki (".M3")
  • Toyota (".10O")
  • Mitsubishi HD (".1??")
  • ZSK TC (".Z??")
  • Barudan FDR (".U??")
  • PC Quilter (".txt")
  • QuiltCad (".hqf")
  • Statler Stitcher (".qli")
  • QompuQuilter (".cqp/.cmd")
To order eXPerience 6 or upgrade your current version of Wings XP software you can contact us through email to arrange it directly or get you in contact with one of our dealers nearest you. If you decide to get in contact with us, please inform us about the Type of Business you are in and what type of designs you willing to create in order to be easier for us to propose you the eXPerience level that fit your needs.
The levels that eXPerience level has, are the following:
  • Pilot: With Pilot level of eXPerience you have the ability to convert any True Type Font into Satin, Zig-Zag, Step, Running or Piping Text art design. Create the Text art design you want easily using the Font that your customer asked for, with the highest embroidery quality and the ability to adjust the parameters of the design in order to meet its preferences.With Pilot Level of eXPerience you can use your experience and embroidering expertise to create your own Pre-digitized fonts in the way you want by using any True Type font as a base. In addition you can select between 56 already Pre-digitized fonts that Pilot includes and use them to create your own Text art designs. Learn more
  • Operator: With Operator level of eXPerience you get a complete embroidery software that can cover most of your embroidery needs and even more. It includes many digitizing and editing tools that allow you to create high quality embroidery designs. Learn more
  • Puncher: Puncher Level of eXPerience incorporates all the features of Operator level and adds even more that will increase the digitizing and editing abilities for better and quicker digitizing. Learn more
  • Pro: Pro Level of eXPerience is the best solution for punching houses and professionals. Professional has all the options of the previous levels plus the capability of creating difficult designs in the fastest possible way. This level of program is designed for the company that demands nothing but the best. Learn more